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Passions Project Reflection-2A and 2B

1.  What is something we did during this project that you think you will remember for the rest of your life?

Andrew-my video because it took a long time to make and a lot of people liked it
Esha-making the statue because a lot of people complimented it
Vedant-my true passion, weather
Sam--my map because it was really hard to make all the decisions on it
Intisar-my greek myth because it was fun
Avery--making my car
Ellie-my raffle because it was a hit
Willy-losing my book for 2 weeks and then rewriting 6 chapters in one night...then I found it.  It taught me to be more careful and organized.
Walker-making the badge and bringing in all the stuff
Ella B-my video because without it I wouldn't have done anything
Brian-2nd graders experiencing how fast Michael Phelps is
Alex B-my slideshow and timeline
Yashveer-the running contest because everyone was faster than I expected
Ella E-my solar system because when I finished it everyone said oh and ah
Tyler-how many votes I had for Bubble Butt and making my board and kalidescope
Cody-memorizing my script because it was super hard
Savannah-making my book because it was hard making it exact
Beth--making the candy and I felt such a sense of accomplishment
Arianna-making the chocolate because almost everyone loved it and I got to try 3 kinds
Maggie-my passion because I am probably going to ride horses when I am older
Max-the making part because it was pretty hard
Evan--all my research on the brain because it took a long time to get it all done.
Mia-my passion surprised people, cars
Marco--when I made my board game and I was proud of it
Ever--when all the parents came over to my mom and said how good my project was
Alexandra--how much research I did and how much hard work it took to do this project
Connor--my Pokemon tag game because it was fun to make and do
Delia-how my projects pictures got sent to NASA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenna-choosing what to be passionate about and all the people who helped me
Agatha--presenting because I was really stressed when the first person came, but after I started I felt a lot more confident

2.  What is the most challenging part of this project for you?

AlexK-trying to memorize my script and typing
Greysen--making my script
Intisar-researching all the Gods
Sydney--when I was trying to get all my stuff because it was at my grandparents
Ever--researching because Wikipedia didn't have much facts on Holland
Delia--when I was trying to get my cut up paragraph on the rocket
Willy--writing the book
Andrew--making my script because I had to keep redoing it
Sam--making the New England states because they are so small
Alexandra--figuring out the steps for my gameboard and what I was going to do
Savannah-going to the copier, copying, coming back, drawing, going back to the copier, etc
Ella B--writing scripts
Vedant-choosing from the list of passions I had
Mia--figuring out how I would present my passion bc I was going to do a commerical but I didn't have time
Ben--KWL because I didn't know a lot yet
Marco--telling it to other people because it is hard and I didn't have a lot of space.

3.  If you could turn back time and do this project all over again, what would you do differently?

Yashveer--not be as stressed at the beginning and middle
Esha--for my coloring sheet, I would have taken more time because the lines got a little squirmy
Max--stay on task a little more
Maggie--I wouldn't have so many games because no one really read my story
Agatha--Not making my game because it broke and took away from my story
Jenna--choose a different passion because I realized after some of it that I wasn't having much fun studying figure skating because I know a lot about it.  I would have done fairy tales
Alex K--I could have not talked to Marco a lot
Greysen--I would not walk around as much and be distracted
Willy-I would add a game so people had something to do
Cody-done better at my periods in my script
Walker--done an entirely different project because some people said no one cares about scouts anymore
Brian--I would change my location of my booth
Ella B--write one script and think of what to say on the video
Tyler--make a game so they could do something more physical
Beth--practice my script more because I wasn't so comfortable

4.  What is something you accomplished during the project that you are proud of?

Avery--my script because it is great
Agatha--my game because 3rd grade boys came and stayed an hour
Esha-teaching JK and they said they loved it!!
Jenna-my video because it took a lot of time to get all the clips.  and my camp because it took a lot of work and coaching is not as easy as it looks
Max--a lot of people came and my game was busy!
Brian--having to finish my project instead of showing people nothing
Ben--my booth because a lot of people came and they wouldn't leave
Connor--my script because it took a long time to get approved
Dylan--my script
Walker--finishing my script
Sydney--getting to the end and having something to share
Alex B--being focused and had a lot of customers to my game
Arianna--my script because it was really long and I only had to glance at a few sentences

5.  What are the 3 most important things you learned during this project?

Greysen--at the beginning I didn't know my script and at the end I knew it
Ever--if you think hard you can come up with a really good idea
Sydney--if you have a problem, it is ok because you can research it
Delia-I learned that it doesn't matter if I am clueless in the beginning but in the end I can turn it into something awesome!  It is your passion, don't let anyone ruin it!
Alex K--I can do a lot of other things if you try not to talk to anyone
Willy--I can write a 10-chapter book
Cody-Don't give up
Yashveer-follow your passion and never give up
Mia--even though cars was hard to do, it was possible to have a passion that a lot of people can be surprise of...and be flexible
Walker--it doesn't matter what other people matters what you think!
Brian--never give up because you can always do it
Connor--writing a game can be difficult but not impossible
Marco--to not worry, it will all be ok
Dylan--have faith in yourself and you can accomplish anything
Ben--believe in yourself
Evan-as long as you believe in yourself everything will turn out fine
Andrew--because you are by yourself, doesn't mean you don't have to stay on track because goofing off gets you nowhere!
Sam--if  you put your mind to something you can do it!
Alex B--if someone can do it, you can do it too
Intisar--if it doesn't turn out good, you can make it better because you are just trying your best
Savannah--this is your passion so you want to have expression and fun!
Beth--if you put thought into it you can make the impossible possible
Ellie--if you work really hard you can come a long way even with obstacles
Arianna--you are more capable of doing what you think is best
Alexandra--even though your project didn't come out exactly how you wanted, if you put your best effort it can still be great.
Avery--sometimes people picture a perfect project, and sometimes it doesn't go as planned, but it is still ok!
Maggie--always keep dreaming that you can get there
Ella E--if you open your mind to it, you can do all sorts of things
Agatha-if you work away from people, you can get so much done
Esha--if you are stressed out at the end you know that you worked really hard and care
Vedant--talking to your friends gets you nowhere
Max--walking around and looking at others projects gets you nohwere
Ella B--if you are focused, you can get a lot done
Tyler--if you believe in yourself you can do anything you want to
Jenna-if you can believe it you can achieve it, and also I work better alone

6.  What advice would you give students who will participate in this project next year?

Sydney - don't be scared.  It is not as hard as you think it is going to be.  It will be great!
Connor - never stop trying
Brian - slacking off is going to get you no where
Cody - do't goof around or maybe you'll have a 50% chance of getting fired
Walker - if you mess up, its not your teachers fault it is YOURS!!
Andrew - if you try and try everything is going to be alright. Just because you are by yourself you can actually get a lot done because there is no one who should distract you
Greysen - even if your passion doesn't start out good, it will be ok in the end
Savannah - keep trying even if it doesn't go as you picture it. It will be ok
Avery - If you get nervous, its ok because lots of people get nervous.  It means you care about your project.
Sam - when you have nothing to do in the middle of the project, go on to something else. There is always something to do!
Intisar - put in your best effort so you won't be behind
Alexandra - Listen to other people's advice and take it.  Usually the advice is something that will help your project get better.
Ella B - always stay focused
Max - if you aren't focused you don't get anywhere
Tyler - when you are done you have just begun
Agatha - if you work hard and try hard in the end it is awesome!
Delia - never settle for less than your BEST!

**What did you learn throughout all 4 PBL's (about yourself or working with other people)?**

Ellie learned that one day can make a HUGE difference in any project.
Alexandra learned that she can be a bit bossy, but sometimes it can be for a good reason.   Be assertive not bossy.  If someone is getting distracted and not doing the work, it is their choice if they are going to stop of not.  I am not in charge of other people.
Cody - if you goof around and whine a lot you can get fired. Getting fired is never a good thing.  If you don't memorize your script, just try and know it.
Sydney - arguing will get you NO WHERE!!!!!!!
Delia - learned that no matter where you are or who you are you can do anything - whether its here at school or across the globe.
Sam - if it is an EPIC failure, it still will change the world...eventually!  Failure doesn't mean its over.  It just means you need to figure out new ways to approach something.
Jenna - it is your project.  No matter what it is, stay strong and perservere. Don't put the weight of the world on other's shoulders.  It is your responsibility and you can get that weight off yourself!!
Yashveer- don't stop trying because you were made to be the best person you could be. Negative attitudes get you now where.  Positive attitudes get you everywhere!!!
Greysen - walking around and goofing off just gets you behind.
Alex K - if you are messing around and you talk to a lot of people you can get fired.  Instead you should try stay focused.
Esha - if you take the wrong path.  Try to remember what to do -you are in charge of you.
Dylan - I was able to do things that I never thought I could do.
Vedant - I learned that I am "kinda" talkative.  That is not a good thing.  It affects not only me but also everyone around him because they are not getting their work done either.
Andrew - if you think you are done, you can always do more.  There is always work to do.  You can always make your project better.
Marco - I learned how to compromise.  If you don't compromise you can't get anything done and felt mad and frustrated. Compromising makes me feel good and relieved.
Ella E - two heads are better than one.  You are able to talk and get ideas from your friends. Working alone you have to think harder and you have no one to help you.
Mia - working in a group is a lot easier than working by yourself.
Connor - if you think you can't succeed just keep on trying.  Andrew gives advice to Connor - just relax and try not to get too emotional.
Ever- in your group work hard everyday.  Imagine how it would affect your project and your group.
Tyler - working on one thing only gets you a little bit farther, but delegating gets you even farther!!  When you are in a group it is like you are all stuck together.  When 1 person goofs off it will affect the whole project and group.
Walker - has become a better teammate. He learned how important it is to help your team.
Ben - two brains is way better than one.
Alex B - don't argue.  It just wastes times.  Listen to your friends that help you.
Ella B - you can't always get what you want.
Intisar - you won't get anywhere if you goof off.  Don't be with friends who are also goofing off.
Savannah - When you think together your project is way better than before and you can't just do a lot of things on your own.
Agatha - She like to be fast and finish quickly.  She needs to slow down and check her work more.
Beth - things can get really really challenging.  It won't go the way you are expecting it to work. If you have to start back from scratch, that's ok.  It will work out.
Max - When you are goofing off it doesn't get you anywhere.  You should be focused.
Maggie - When you are giving up, think to yourself should you be doing this or should you be working. Always ask yourself questions.
Willy - if you slack off you will fall behind. Your project won't be as good.  It is not a good feeling.
Avery - Sometimes I picture something really big, but it turns out smaller, but it is still really good!
Arianna - I can't control other people's actions.

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What was your favorite thing about 2nd grade??

PBL and recess--Alex B


Marble parties--Agatha

I am glad I was in this class--Sam

Marble Parties--Evan

Marble Parties--Brian

PBL and marble parties--Andrew

PBL and marble parties and recess--Syndey

PBL, learning, teachers and marble parties--Maggie

PBL, learning, teachers, and marble parties and recess--Jenna

recess, math, PBL and marble parties--Mia

everything!! --Ella E

marble parties and recess and reading--Max

reading, math boot camp, and marble parties--Vedant

marble parties, reading, teachers, and recess--Ella B

passions projects and marble parties--Ever

being with my classmates and teachers--Marco


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1A visits 2A to find out about 2nd grade!

What do you do in 2nd grade?
--Vivi said we do projects, we do math, we do specials, we celebrate birthdays by signing a shirt, we sing and have a dance party.  
--Agatha said we also have normal specials and we do math boot camp where you start on a family of numbers and go from addition to subtraction, multiplication and division.  
--Tyler said we also have a box in Mrs. Lambs desk full of marbles, and when we get compliments we get a handful and when the bucket is full we get a marble party!  
What do you study in 2nd grade?
--Alex B said we study passions, our project now, MICDS, Olympics, and Civic Responsibility
--Andrew said we study in HW, division, graphing
--Brian said the first thing we study in math is +, -, x, division, shapes, patterns, bar models, skip counting
--we started doing keyboarding and learned how to type without looking...
What is 2nd grade like?
--Mia said it is harder than 1st grade, and we do a lot of things differently, like PBL.  
--Alex B said 2nd grade is really hard thinking.  
--Levi said it is focused
--Brian said it is tiring
--Sam said it is complicated
--Maggie said it is fun
--Ever said it is awesome
--Agatha said it is breathtaking
--Jenna said it is exciting
--Marco said it is very entertaining
--Max said it is sometimes a little boring and PBL is really fun

Is there a lot of homework in 2nd grade?
Sydney said not really.  There is a little bit more than 1st grade.  You have math, Keyboarding which is not long, and at the beginning of the year you do phonics at home watching videos at home. Sam said yes but it isn't as much as 8th grade.

What type of homework is there?
memorizing scripts

How many minutes do you have to read?
30 minutes
How many people are there in 2nd grade?
Are there more specials or are specials different?
We still have all the same specials as 1st grade.  
What order is your schedule in?  (When do you do reading, math, writing, specials)

What kind of projects do you do?
MICDS, Civic Responsibility, Olympics/STL, Passions
What themes do you have?
We have themes for PBL..
How high of numbers do you work with in math?
We do 1,000's

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